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Adrenalin Park

Adrenalin Park

Adrenalin Park" created by Gürsu Municipality Strategic Planning Unit with the project of "Attractive Alternative Tourism in the Country" and Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) with approximately 750 thousand TL will bring nature and sports enthusiasts together.


Gürsu 's natural sports center in the direction of the work carried out in and around the Ericek Pond in the facility,


Full Automatic Olympic Trap Range,


Archery Range,


Mountaineering-Climbing Park,


ATV Safari Parkuru,


Multipurpose Artificial Wall (for Search and Rescue and Mountaineering Trainings),


Camping Area,


Pond Sports Area (Sea Bike and Canoe Sports),


The paragliding starts with a training area and navigation areas.


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Gürsu Adrenalin ParkGürsu Adrenalin Park

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