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July 15 Union in Gürsu

July 15 Union in Gürsu
"July 15, Day of Democracy and National Unity" was the scene of the unity of citizens of all ages in Gürsu.
Gürsu District Governor Mustafa Koç, Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık, Gürsu protocol, political party representatives, council members, mukhtars, representatives of non-governmental organizations, representatives of public institutions and the people of the district with the participation of the program, hearts threw with love and homeland.
Within the scope of the program consisting of activities carried out during the day in cooperation with Gürsu District Governorate and Gürsu Municipality; a cycling tour was held with young people from the future representatives of democracy and national unity. Then the graves of the martyrs were visited and saplings were planted in memory of the martyrs and the mevlit was taught.
"We will continue to unite for the bright future of our country, for our Republic and our Democracy, to protect our homeland, which is entrusted to us by our martyrs and veterans." Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık said, üç Three years have passed since the treacherous, vile blow attempt we have experienced as a country on July 15th. I am grateful and grateful to our veterans who took the title of veterans to carry their bodies proudly throughout their lives, by shielding their bodies against the attacks of traitors. We came together with a great synergy and defended our homeland and democracy.We have shown the whole world the example of democracy, strong nation's will and sovereignty. all the forces of evil saw how we defend our homeland by revealing our lives. On the night of July 15 with the wish of the treachery never experienced again, in the light of the power we receive from our spirit of solidarity will create the bright future of our country, "he said.
Within the scope of "July 15, Day of Democracy and National Unity" programs, evening; Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şimşirgil, Mevlithan Mustafa Kaya and 15 July Veteran Üzeyir Civan will participate in the program, march on democracy and national unity; painting, poetry and composition exhibition will be held.

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