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     Gürsu Adrenalin Park, one of the favorite places of nature and adrenaline enthusiasts, is being developed with the support of Bebka.

      Ajans Four Seasons Tourism Project in Bursa by Ericek Adrenalin Park h created by the Strategic Planning Unit of the Directorate of Business and Subsidiaries of Gürsu Municipality, 400 thousand TL grant support from Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) and 120 thousand to be realized by Gürsu Municipality With a TL investment, it is implemented with a budget of TL 520 thousand.

     With the budget obtained within the scope of the project; second zipline line, archery polygon, ottoman tent tent, utv vehicles, security and camera systems, toilets and sinks, generator, environmental regulation, recruitment and recruitment works for 6 months.

    I We produce projects with the goal of making Adrenalin Park a tourism center not only in the borders of Gürsu but also nationally and internationally, ”said Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık. Adrenalin Park, our town's development in the field of alternative tourism, nature and adrenalin spores in the field of Bursa, we aim to make the most important center. Our facility, with its natural beauty, which offers great views in summer and winter, offers the opportunity to make sports in many branches and to have pleasant times in nature. Our facility, which enables young people to use their energies in a beneficial way by dealing with sports, is also hosting many activities. 

     We aim to develop the nature tourism, which is also the element of entertainment, and attract domestic and foreign tourists to the region, in said Hüseyin Özmen, Manager of Business and Subsidiaries in Gürsu Municipality.

     In Gürsu Adrenalin Park; Full Automatic Olympic Trap Polygon, Archery Range, Mountaineering-Climbing Course, ATV Safari Course, Multi-Purpose Artificial Wall (for Search and Rescue and Mountaineering Trainings), Camping Area, Pond Sports Area (Airboat and Canoe Sports), cruise areas.

    Within the scope of the nature sports activities carried out by Gürsu Municipality Nature Sports Education and Implementation Unit; paragliding, climbing and offroad races, trekking, camping, mountaineering etc. activities are carried out.

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